Rules of admission to the Consortium

According to paragraph 9.2 of the Agreement on the Consortium of Russian Universities Implementing the Joint Master’s Program “International Protection of Human Rights”, higher education institutions that wish to join the Consortium must comply with the following criteria for membership in the Consortium set out in Appendix 3 to the Consortium Agreement:

1) The implementation of the project should be carried out by the Faculty/Institute of Law of the higher education institution;

2) The Master’s Program “International protection of human rights” should be opened within the “Jurisprudence” educational program track;

3) At least 5 state-funded places for education under the Joint Master’s Program should be allocated;

4) All compulsory disciplines, specified in Appendix 2 to the Consortium Agreement, in the amount of at least 36 academic hours for each discipline, as well as at least 10 disciplines from the elective disciplines specified in Appendix 2 to the Consortium Agreement, should be included in the curriculum of the Joint Master’s Program;

5) Participation in the work of all Consortium bodies;

6) Participation in the implementation of activities carried out within the framework of the Joint Master’s Program;

7) Creation of conditions for the implementation and participation of students and lecturers of the Joint Master’s Program in the activities of the Consortium, including academic mobility and advanced training;

8) Elaboration of new human rights curricula, including distance learning, as well as production of textbooks and other curricular materials;

9) Publication on the official website of the higher education institution of information concerning the Joint Master’s Program and activities carried out in framework of its implementation, as well as provision of information regarding the implementation of the Joint Master’s Program by the higher education institution for its publication on the official website of the Consortium.

According to paragraph 9.7 of the Consortium Agreement, consensual decision of the partner universities regarding admission of the candidate university into the Consortium as a full member, is taken by the Consortium Council unanimously after expiration of the year of associate membership. According to the decision taken, the Accession Memorandum and a copy of the Consortium Agreement are sent to the higher education institution.

The date of accession In accordance with paragraph 9.8 of the Consortium Agreement, the date of accession of a higher education institution to this Agreement is the date of approval of the accession decision at the annual Consortium meeting.