Russian State University for the Humanities

The Russian University for the Humanities was established on the basis of the Moscow State Historical and Archival Institute by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 27 March 1991.

In 1991 the first admission of enrolees to the RGGU took place. Despite its comparatively young age, RGGU rightfully occupies one of the leading places among the best universities in our country, over the years becoming one of the leading research and educational centres in Russia. The RGGU became the first university in the country to have the words “Russian” and “humanitarian” in its name. The success, achieved over these years is recognized not only within the country, but abroad as well. In recent years, RGGU has been the leader in popularity among enrolees. RGGU considers its duty not only to preserve, but to develop and enhance the legacy with which it entered the third decade of its history.

The principles of the RGGU’s operation include:

  • a combination of science and education, that allows the student to acquire research skills and a set of competencies necessary for a scientist;
  • integrity and interdisciplinarity – humanitarian knowledge is presented here not by a segmental set of highly specialized disciplines, but by a single set of sciences;
  • practice-oriented approach to specialists’ training, based on a balanced combination of fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical skills;
  • auspicious educational environment, which is based on the idea of freedom of creative and professional expression and the principles of tolerance;
  • personal orientation of education, allowing to reveal the individual abilities of students. The university has an efficient tutoring system;
  • “lifelong learning” concept that considers education as a continuous process. The RGGU provides comprehensive pre-university and post-graduate training, a network of branches in the Moscow region and regions of Russia, as well as postgraduate and doctoral studies.

RGGU today is:

  • a highly qualified teaching staff. Leading scientists and specialists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, famous Moscow universities, other scientific institutions and successful business enterprises teach here. More than 70 academicians and corresponding members of Russian and foreign academies, more than 200 doctors habilitatus, over 500 candidates of sciences work at the RGGU;
  • developed scientific activity – RGGU is recognized as the leading Russian centre in the field of humanities and social sciences;
  • dynamic international activity. The university has international educational and research centres, double diplomas are being issued. There are more than 250 cooperation agreements with leading foreign universities and research institutions. Hundreds of master’s and postgraduate students study annually at leading European and world universities;
  • rich student life. RGGU provides its students with ample opportunities for self-realization, supports students’ initiatives. Dozens of coteries, sections, clubs for the most demanding taste;
  • availability of education. Here a network of university’s branches has been created and is being developed, covering the whole country. Distance education techniques are widely used.
  • introduction of modern multimedia technologies into the educational process;
  • the Scientific Library of the RGGU is one of the leading university libraries in Russia.
Russian State University for the Humanities

International denomination: Russian University for the Humanities
Established: 3 September 1930
Rector: Alexander Borisovich Bezborodov
Address: 125993, Moscow, Miusskaya square, 6
Phone: +7 (495) 250-61-18