Partners of the Consortium


European Interuniversity Cooperation Centre for Hyman Rights

The Consortium’s international cooperation is being carried out with the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratization (EIUC) - the Venice Consortium (Italy), which unites 41 universities in Europe. The Venice Consortium provides invaluable assistance in the formation of the substantive part of the curriculum and methodology of teaching academic of disciplines. The Organization provides assistance in selection of candidates from among renown foreign specialists in the area of international human rights law, that, as invited professors, give lectures to the master’s students, as well as; provides quotas participation of the master’s students from the Russian universities-partners of the Consortium, in the summer schools on human rights, organized annually by the Venice Consortium.

The Ombudsman in the Russian Federation The Ombudsman in the Russian Federation

The Master’s Program receives wide support from the Ombudsman Institution in the Russian Federation, which cooperates with the Consortium under the Agreement on an ongoing basis. That document provides for exchange of information materials, conducting joint Russian and international research and practice and educational activities, organization of mentoring programs for students in the Office of the Ombudsman. Key aspects of interaction between the Ombudsman and the Consortium, including the organization and conduct of research and practice and practice-oriented events for students of the master’s Program, are reflected in the annual report of the Ombudsman for 2016, published on 17 May 2017. The Offices of regional Ombudsmen also provide support the Consortium’s Master’s Programs in human rights.

     World Association of Graduates of Higher Education
World Association of Graduates of Higher Education

The World Association of Graduates of Higher Educational Institutions is a non-profit organization that unites foreign graduates who studied in higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation (USSR).
The goal of the association is to unite and coordinate the actions of Associations (unions) of foreign graduates, to form active dialogue platforms with country associations. The Association develops contacts with graduates of Russian (Soviet) universities and implements joint projects to strengthen the position of the Russian language abroad and increase the competitiveness of Russian universities as international research and educational centers.
Among the tasks of the Association are measures to strengthen interstate cooperation, increase the effectiveness of scientific, economic and cultural ties, exchanges in the field of education and sports.

 International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent

The Federation is a Global Humanitarian Organization that coordinates and directs international assistance to victims of natural and anthropogenic disasters in non-conflict situations. The Federation provides support to 190 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which are members of the International Movement. Its relief operations are combined with development issues, including disaster preparedness programs, health care and curative interventions, and the promotion of humanitarian values. In particular, it supports programs to reduce risks and combat the spread of diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis, avian influenza and malaria. The work of the Organization also consists of combating discrimination and violence, and organize assistance for migrants.

 IRCR International Committee of the Red Cross

The ICRC is an independent and neutral organization that provides humanitarian protection and assistance to victims of armed conflicts and other situations, involving violence. It acts in emergency situations and at the same time promotes respect for international humanitarian law and its implementation in national law.

 Russian red cross Russian red cross

The International Committee of the Red Cross is an impartial, neutral and independent organization which aims and objectives are of purely humanitarian character, among which are protection of lives and dignity of people affected by armed conflict and violence and provision them with assistance. By promoting and strengthening humanitarian law and universal humanitarian principles, the ICRC is working hard to prevent human suffering.

Regional Social Organization of Persons with Disabilities “The Perspective”  
Regional Social Organization of Persons with Disabilities “The Perspective”

One of the main tasks of the organization is to educate the society and raise awareness about persons with disabilities. The Perspective conducts public information campaigns, organizes various exhibitions and events, film screenings, conducts “Lessons of Kindness” (classes on understanding disability) in schools, and also conducts special lectures at the Consortium's universities.

 Sakharov Centre Sakharov Centre

The Sakharov Centre is a multifunctional public and educational platform where topical cultural, social, and public issues, that remain outside the information mainstream, are discussed in various formats. The Centre assists in holding the Consortium’s events, and also regularly conducts free excursions for students of the program.