Voronezh State University

Voronezh State University is one of the largest Russian state educational institutions of higher professional education. The research activities of the university are organized within a network of 18 faculties, 6 research institutes, 16 research laboratories under the jurisdiction of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The mission of VSU is to obtain scientific knowledge, implement interdisciplinary programs aimed at educating highly qualified specialists, as well as to introduce innovative solutions that ensure a high quality of life in accordance with national interests and the requirements of the world market.

10 research centres, established at Voronezh State University, have achieved great success in cooperation with leading regional commercial and government organizations.

Voronezh State University is included in the TOP-100 universities of the BRICS countries (17th in Russia and 90th in BRICS).

Over its long and glorious history, more than 40 world-renowned academic and scientific communities have formed at Voronezh State University, more than 200 research projects are implemented annually and are regularly supported by national and international grants to continue research activities. Currently, university employees are actively involved in 8 international projects within the “TEMPUS FP7” programs.

Voronezh State University is committed to disseminating and sharing knowledge and has earned a reputation as a leading research centre in Russia through the regular holding of over 60 national and international conferences. Moreover, the number one priority for the university is to maintain a long tradition of quality in international academic publishing.

Voronezh State University

International name: Voronezh State University
International denomination: Voronezh State University Established: 1918
Rector: Dmitry A. Endovitsky
Address: 394018, Russia, Voronezh, Universitetskaya square, 1
Email: office@main.vsu.ru Phone: +7 (473) 220-75-21
Website: vsu.ru/english