The Liberal Arts University

The Liberal Arts University was founded in December 1990 in the city of Yekaterinburg and received its first students on 1 February 1991.

The Liberal Arts University is one of the first non-governmental universities in Russia. For a quarter of a century of its work, the university has earned an impeccable reputation; it prides itself on its distinguished educators and creative, development-oriented students. All this time, the Liberal Arts University – the only non-state university east of Moscow in the status of a university – has maintained strong and warm ties with its graduates (there are already around 10,000 of them).

The Liberal  Arts University

As conceived by the founders, education at the university combines the acquisition of classical, fundamental knowledge with the development of practical skills and abilities. Students learn to solve various professional problems in accordance with the requirements of the present, showing a creative, flexible and rational approach to certain problems.

The atmosphere of mutual trust created in the university between teachers and students gives the latter the opportunity for full self-realization. To date, you can get education at the university: at 7 faculties in 13 bachelor’s programs, in 3 master’s programs, as well as in 6 programs for the education of scientific and pedagogical personnel in postgraduate education courses. Doctors and candidates of science make up 66% of the teaching staff of the university.

A unique and innovative project of the Liberal Arts University is its research centres, first of all, the Centre for Legal Education and Human Rights (under supervision of Doctor habilitatus (political sciences) S.I. Glushkova), Centre for Comparative legal studies (under supervision of Doctor habilitatus (law) A. P. Semitko).

Dozens of scientific events are held at the Liberal Arts University: conferences, seminars, master classes, academic competitions, contests. Of particular importance in the life of the university and the scientific community is the annual international scientific and practical conference of the Liberal Arts University, which has been held since 1998. Researchers from more than 10 countries, including Israel, China, Kazakhstan, Italy, France, and other, take part in its work.

The Liberal Arts University cooperates with universities and professors from Austria, France, Israel, USA, Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, Czech Republic and China; is a participant in international grant programs. Professors of the Liberal Arts University received grants from such foundations as the Open Society, MacArthur Foundations, Friedrich Naumann, Fullbright, the Ministry of Education of Japan, as well as UNO, USIA, IREX, TEMPUS, etc. in different years.

The Liberal Arts University

International denomination: The Liberal Arts University
Established: 27 December 1990
Rector: Lev Abramovich Zaks
Address: 620041, Russia, Sverdlovsk region, Yekaterinburg, Zheleznodorozhnikov street, 3
Phone number: +7 (343) 374-51-90